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SIREN Code (French Business Registration Number)

The SIREN number is allocated by INSEE (French National Institute of Economic and Statistical Information) when a company is founded (or when self-employed people, artists and authors register their status). The number is made up of nine figures and is presented as follows depending on the type of business activity:


  • Members of the professions / artists - authors: 000 000 000,
  • Shopkeeper: 000 000 000 RCS
  • Self-employed: 000 000 000 RM 000

SIRET Code (French Business Premises Registration Number)

The SIRET number geographically identifies a company’s premises. It is made up of fourteen figures, based on the SIREN number (nine figures) and the NIC (five figures) (internal classification number). Therefore, a company has one SIREN number but can potentially have several SIRET numbers if it has several premises.